What is iTransport®

iTransport® is a document management system for managing, archiving, distributing and sending data via the Internet.

The files are structured clearly and stored securely in a central database. Each file has individual access rights and can be sent to as many people as desired or made available to just one addressee. Projects, documents and papers can be gathered together as a collection. Using iTransport® you can store, manage and distribute your data to desired recipients simply and securely (employees, customers, suppliers, advertising agencies, printers, etc.). iTransport® supports all relevant file types and formats.


Takes you to the home page and displays an overview of all the users authorized files sorted into categories.


Displays this help text. The user can obtain additional help and support by calling or e-mailing.


Displays the user authorized categories as an overview and sorting aid..


Here you can enter text to be searched for in the database. You can search in all the categories or just in a selected category. A list of all files containing the search term will be displayed as the search result. If you are logged in, files for which you have access rights will also be displayed.

Use the advanced search to also search according to file type, date and file size.


The selected and displayed file can be downloaded directly onto your computer. Separate programs are needed for reading and altering the file, e.g. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®, WinZip®, etc.


Use the icons in the upper right corner below the login area to change the appearance, list or preview.

The authorized data is displayed with object name, file name, date and file size and can be sorted according to the respective property by clicking on the property name.

A preview of the file will be displayed (if no preview exists, the icon for the file type is displayed). Additional information on the file can be found as a text next to the illustration.


Enter your user name, password and click on Log in to access the protected area containing all of your authorized categories and files.

Check the "Remain logged in" check box to create a cookie and remain logged in for 12 hours.

Forgotten your password?

Click here if you have forgotten your password. Additional assistance will then be provided on the registration page or you can send an e-mail to the stated address. Follow the instructions or send an e-mail to obtain a new password.
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